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Managing Application Delivery for Cloud Solution Providers

For today’s Cloud Services Providers (CSPs), it’s a new hybrid cloud world. Rapidly evolving architectures and environments have transformed hosting, integration and service deliver to customers. These transformative new capabilities can introduce both technical, operational, and business challenges as well as opportunities.

KEMP Technologies – a leading pioneer in Application Delivery solutions – has developed a new framework for centralized management and monitoring of hybrid and heterogeneous application delivery environments. KEMP 360™ provides a holistic framework for application delivery lifecycle management; Streamlining application delivery across multi-tenant environments.

KEMP is also working with Azure Stack since TP1 was released in January 2016 and will have GA solutions available at launch.

Cloud Solution Provider Design Partner Program (CSP-DPP)

Help KEMP drive our next-gen application delivery technology to the next level – and adapt it to meet the specific requirements of CSPs.

  • Preview KEMP's product roadmaps
  • Get early access to new services
  • Help shape those offerings in ways that benefit your business and your customers.

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Video Overview

Take a look at our video for an overview of KEMP 360 and the Design Partner Program

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KEMP Solutions for CSPs

KEMP 360 Central for Azure

KEMP 360 Central is a management and monitoring framework for administering complex, hybrid application delivery infrastructure across on-premises and cloud environments which enables proactive detection and rapid remediation of issues.

Features Benefits
Centralized Application Delivery Management Reduced administration with group management of application delivery controllers from a single interface
Manage Across Hybrid Environments Seamless control of hybrid environments encompassing on-premises, cloud and hosted scenarios
Real-time performance and capacity metrics Quickly identify and resolve capacity and performance issues

KEMP Virtual LoadMaster for Azure (VLM)

VLM is a full-featured, advanced Layer 4-7 load balancing and content switching solution that enables seamless Azure application and service delivery, with integrated security features and cost-effective scaling

Common Use Cases

Global Site Load Balancing

Virtual LoadMaster for Azure’s GEO capability allows for automatic re-routing across Azure regions in the event of failure

Hybrid Deployment

Safely and securely extend on-premises ADFS, IIS, SharePoint or custom web applications to take advantage of extra capacity in, or failover to, the Microsoft Cloud

Get KEMP VLM on the Azure Marketplace

Feature Azure KEMP VLM for Azure
Content/URL switching Limited
Session Persistence Limited
Web Application Firewall (WAF) Limited
Configurable Cipher Sets
Content Caching
Client Authentication & SSO